Dear former and potential Authors and Readers of,

Due to the lack of enough paper proposals, rooted in the Pandemic Years but essentially because potential new authors  now prefer almost exclusively Journals archived by Web of Science like institutions(which are flooded with papers to archive), journals belonging to Strong Professional  International Institutions (see IEEE Trans. on IE,IA, PEL, EC, Magnetics), with 1,000+ pp per monthly issue in the field of “Power Electrical and Electronics Engineering” field, which is the center of our International online-only - free of any charge for authors and readers- Journal, functional since the year 2000, we decided to interrupt its publication (after publishing 3,000 +papers, with 50% average un- planned  rejection ratio ) but, out of respect for the published papers and their authors so far, we will keep the archive open at the current address.

We humbly apologize for any inconvenience to former authors and readers, but sometimes , in face of harsh reality, quitting without compromising quality-after a few years of genuine efforts to save the Journal- is necessary.

Sincerely, Prof. Ion Boldea IEEE Life Fellow, Founding and current Editor in Chief of “”.

Published: 2023-10-12